Monthly Archives: January 2013

Movie Night Canceled

The PTSA has decided to cancel the movie night scheduled for Friday, January 25th. We started planning for it late and we didn’t have enough volunteers to help run the event. Thank you for understanding. We have another one planned for February.

Tapp MS: Earn a Dress Down Day by Helping Restock Tapp!

Do you remember back when your child was in elementary school? Items such as tissue boxes, hand sanitizer, band aids, copy paper, disinfecting wipes and more were on the supply lists. In middle school, teachers don’t ask for those items, but they are still needed. Flu & cold season is in full swing, so we would like each classroom to be stocked with tissues, hand sanitizer, Lysol, and disinfecting wipes to help keep our kids healthy this winter. Teachers need copy paper and dry erase markers. Students need notebook paper, pens, and pencils.
On Tuesday, January 15th, students can bring any 1 item to earn a dress down day for Thursday, January 17th. PTSA volunteers will be located in the grade level TPAs before school to collect the items. When they drop off the items, students will be given 1 dress down sticker. Students will be responsible for keeping track of their dress down sticker.
We ask that items be new, wrapped or packaged, and full size (no sample sizes). Students only need to bring 1 item to earn the dress down sticker, but if you are feeling generous and would like to donate more items, they will be gratefully accepted. 🙂
Items Needed:
Facial Tissues
Disinfecting Wipes (such as Chlorox)
Hand Sanitizer
Disinfectant Spray (such as Lysol)
Band Aids
White Copy Paper
Notebook Paper (loose leaf/wide rule)
Mechanical Pencils
Ink Pens
Dry Erase Markers
Laundry Detergent
Splenda Packets
Equal Packets
Styrofoam Cups (8 oz)
Plastic Spoons
Plastic Forks
Paper Towels
Styrofoam Plates
Styrofoam Bowls
Plastic Cups (16 oz)
Thank you for supporting Tapp Middle School!