Nominate your new PTSA Board Members

Dear Tapp PTSA members,

The 2017-2018 Tapp PTSA Elections are coming on April 27th .  Currently the nominating committee is searching for Leaders and visionaries like yourself willing to serve as the 2017-2018 Tapp PTSA Executive Board which consists of the following:

  • 1 President or 2 Co-Presidents
  • 1 or more Vice Presidents
  • 1 Secretary
  • 1 Treasurer.

Current PTSA members may nominate themselves, if interested or nominate someone who might be willing to serve.  Just fill out form on the back of this letter and either give the form to Ms. Washington in the front office marked Ms. Shyman PTSA or place in the PTSA Box by Tiger Pole.  The nomination form will also be posted on the PTSA website and additional copies will be in front office as well.  If you have a desire to serve but not on the Executive Board the Nominating Committee is not responsible for selecting the Parliamentarian, committee chairs, or committee members however; will forward all names to the elected 2017-2018 Executive Board for their consideration.

The Nominating Committee will follow this schedule:

  • Deadline for submitting nomination form for officers is March 20th
  • Candidate Interviews will occur between March 21 – April 15th: All nominees will be notified of specific time for the interview and allowed an opportunity to consider any office prior to making a decision. We will do our best to accommodate schedules.
  • Posting the Slate of Officer: The nominees for each position will be posted on/or by April 17th, ten days before the election meeting.
  • Presenting the Slate Report: Tapp PTSA general & Election Meeting on April 27th.

Georgia PTA Suggested Qualifications: Knowledgeable about and adheres to the Purposes and basic policies of PTA. Experienced in PTA or other organizational work. Has a sense of just and fairness. Exhibits enthusiasm for PTA. Willingness to make PTA a priority for his/her schedule relative to the responsibilities and duties of the position.

To learn more about each position please look at our Tapp PTSA website.  If you have any questions on the nomination process, please feel free to contact Laura Shyman by email


Nominating Committee



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