Male Engagement

Increasing Male Involvement

Educate dads, grandpas, uncles and others on the importance of their involvement. Make parent involvement and PTA relevant to men by connecting it to their children’s success in school and in life. Share with men the many benefits of family engagement.

Plus, inform dads that their involvement in PTA:

  • Shows added interest in their children’s education and school activities.
  • Shows greater support for their children’s teachers and school.
  • Improves relationships between parents and school personnel.

Most male PTA members say they joined PTA to work to improve their schools for the benefit of their children. Tell prospective members that they can do the same.

Emphasize that getting involved in PTA does not necessarily involve a large time commitment. Men may indicate that time is a barrier to their joining PTA. Let them know there are no volunteer requirements when joining, but that their membership will help maximize and support their involvement in their children’s lives. As they discover the value of PTA and their involvement, men will be more likely to volunteer.

This information comes from: Georgia PTA Male Involvement

To be involved at Tapp, please email Mr Hall

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